Multi family office

Ladderup Wealth Management is a Multi-Family Office catering to High Net-worth Individuals in India and around the globe.

Our Offerings

Building Wealth

As you grow in your career or business and achieve success, you may be looking at building wealth for variety of goals –

  • To enhance your lifestyle;
  • Planning for your children;
  • Philanthropic activities;
  • or simply providence.

Laadderup has comprehensive resources to put you on the right path.


Our wealth planning process involves getting a complete picture of your goals, risk tolerance and time frame to come with a customized approach to building your wealth. Once we have a good understanding of your tastes, preferences, risk tolerance and goals – we can align various investment stratergies to help you achieve your objectives.

Managing Wealth

With growth in your assets, the complexity of management also goes up. Your needs become more varied addressing

  • Real estate issues
  • Aligning debt structures
  • Analysis of your stock portfolio

Wealth planning assists you in taking all of your assets into consideration, not just the investable assets.

Ladderup will be able to help you with the wealth planning process and will help you in leveraging all the assets in your balance sheet to achieve your goals.

Preserving Wealth

We find more and more clients making preservation of wealth as their top most priority, with the increasing volatility in various asset classes in the last few years.


According to us it is a very healthy trend, as wealth and lifestyle preservation should always get first consideration in any wealth planning exercise. Our asset allocation strategy focuses on maintaining a balance between preservation and returns and is decided keeping in mind your individual risk tolerance.

Transitioning Wealth

For most wealthy clients, defining their legacy and planning for its execution start becoming a priority once they reach a certain age. Estate planning, philanthropic activities, transitioning the business are important and complex transactions.

No advice without understanding the client.

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