Creating a Will

Will is a legal document to provide specific instructions about how your Possessions or Estate should be distributed.

Key benefits of writing a Will –

  • Document your wishes in a clear format so that there is no confusion
  • Helps the beneficiaries to gain control over the assets quickly
  • Reduces the probability of disputes
  • Distribute the wealth based on your wishes and not the laws of succession
  • Will can mention softer issues like guardian ship of children, medical care for aging parents, specific treatments of members with special needs etc.
  • Helps your family understand the assets and wealth that you own.

I have a simple family structure so I do not need a Will?

It is good if you have a simple family structure. The It is good if you have a simple family structure. The benefits of writing a will are multiple. Even you wish to give you entire assets to a single person, having a Will makes it easy for the person to take control of assets.

I do not have enough wealth

Even if you have limited assets, it is better to write a Will, as it removes any confusion about your wishes. Without a Will, the laws of succession will take effect which may not reflect your wishes.

Will writing would be time consuming and costly?

Writing a will is not very complicated. It is not even very costly unless you are looking at very complex issues.

Why take help of an Expert?

Many people feel that they can write their own Will. The law accepts a Will written by a person, even on a simple piece of paper in simple language. However, by taking help of experts, you are ensuring that your Will is complete in every way and is also written based on legally prescribed guidelines. An expert who has written many Wills is also aware of the issues related to distribution of assets and therefore can suggest the right course of action to you.