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"Client First" is not just a statement for us. It drives our every action.

To ensure that we are able to deliver on the high standards that we have set for ourselves, we have instituted certain non-negotiable processes within our teams. These processes help us to give you solutions that are world class and on a consistent basis.

No advice without understanding the client
As specialists, we do not want to jump to conclusions. We also do not want to arbitrarily dole out products. In fact in our scheme of things, product selection is the last stage of the advisory process. Before we give advice on products or asset allocation, we understand all aspects from the client.
Investment Policy Statement
This for us is the most important document. We create a detailed investment policy statement for each client before we start the relationship. The IPS helps us in understanding all aspects of clients financial status. The IPS becomes the bedrock for all future advice.
Client comes first all the time
If we put this in another manner we work with clients from the same side of table. We align out interests completely with that of client's. By doing that we are able to put client first in every aspect of our functioning.
Revenues are incidental to client staying with us
In the business of money, we know we will earn only if clients stay with us. And clients would stay only when they get the best in class services.
Record everything- discussions, commitments, expectations , risks etc.
We attempt to record everything. It may look cumbersome to some, but it helps us in keeping focused. It helps in ensuring that we are able to fulfill our commitments.
Top quality of research
From a client's perspective, everything else is waste if the quality of advice is not good. We want to provide advice that is nothing but the best. And to do that, our team rigorously researches the environment to find the most efficient solutions.
High quality of team
In a private wealth management set up like ours Team is Capital.
We are very conscious of the quality of our team members.
Each private wealth manager is not only equipped to manage the day to day relationship but is also competent to sit with clients and undertake the complete advisory process. Not only that, we follow a system where a team of people work on each client account. This ensures that each client receives the best quality services that we are known for.
Our utmost effort is to follow all these rules so that we can stay on the course all the time with unflinching integrity.