Succession Planning

Statistics have shown that less than 30% of the businesses survive into the second generation. And less than 12% go into the hands of third generation.

If you are a businessman, there is a high chance that you would have thought about succession. Businesses have a life of their own. And businesses are created with great effort. Every businessman dreams of his business growing big with time and providing employment opportunities to many.

Succession planning is a great way to create a multi-generational institution that can maximize the opportunities without being overly dependent on a few people. A good succession plan not only focuses on Ownership Succession, but also prepares the organization for Management Succession.

Ladderup Wealth Management has created significant expertise in the field of Estate Planning and Succession Planning. As we deal primarily with high net worth clients and businesses, we are conversant with the issues and problems that individuals and businesses face. We also have a team of legal experts who are experts in designing tailor-made solutions to you after understanding your specific wishes and the situation.