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Belief comes with experience.

Statements that we often hear -

I trusted my Advisor for 10 years. However, he still sold me a policy last year which I never needed. Later on, I figured out that it was also very expensive
Every time I meet up with a private banker, he does all the talking. He hardly listens. I am always wondering if he is selling me a product that is not in my interest
I sold my house last year and thought of hiring a wealth manager. He was very regular in meetings till the time money was invested, after that I have not heard or seen him. It seems now that I am doing the chasing
My old college friend was advising me for years. I realized only now, that due to his lack of expertise, I invested in too many products with no clue on how my overall portfolio is doing
You might have had your own unique experiences.

As a private wealth client, you not only need someone who is genuine and with high integrity, but also one who possesses high degree of competence.

Here is why we think we could be the right choice for you and much differentiated from the others -

  • We are an independent financial advisor. With no linkages with any bank, mutual fund, insurance company or others - we are able to provide completely unbiased advice.
  • We follow a pure advisory approach which takes into account all client and market aspects before creating a product portfolio.
  • Documentation of each and every step of our engagement gives client access to the past interactions as well as rationale behind every decision. Documentation also instills discipline and transparency, so needed in any such relationship.
  • We make sure that we are rigorously researching the market environment to identify the most effective solutions in each asset class.
  • We are a group of professionals with long years in the industry. Our experience gives us the desired leverage to offer you the best possible advice.
  • Client relationships, to us are above everything else. Our entire team is dedicated towards serving your needs in the best possible manner.
  • All our recommendations as well as changes are aimed at improving the overall portfolio performance and are guided solely by the portfolio needs.
  • We are able to provide comprehensive advice across multiple asset classes to you. So you do not have to deal with multiple advisors.
  • Our reporting tools are amongst the best in the industry and are designed to provide you simple and easy to understand reports.
  • Client servicing at all points in time to make sure that they get top notch treatment.

The two principles, high quality advice and highest standard of service, have worked well for Ladderup Wealth Management and we have been able to build a good repertoire of clients like yourselves.